The Project

Overall aim of the project: Performance of an intercultural contemporary artistic dance programme. Expected result: 1 performance, choreography; 2 interactive dance artistic event in international partnership (spot No. 1: Trondheim, Norway; spot No. 2: Nyíregyháza, Hungary). Project specific aim: 1) Presenting intercultural dialogue as a value, implementing activities aiming minorities with an antidiscriminative purpose. Expected result: implementation of 5 interactive, intercultural dance artistic workshops; generating and maintenance of 1 interactive professional platform as a webpage. 2) Establishment of a Hungarian-donor (Norwegian) bilateral partnership, grounding the possibility for inclusive projects on a long term, with the opportunity of the introduction of intercultural, dialogue and exclusive artistic performance genres.

Expected results: 2 intercultural bilateral cooperation events (trips, donor-Hungarian relation); 15 pers. involved as international artistic professionals and project partners; managing 2 joint performances performing a contemporary work of art (and the rehearsals-process before that).

The name ‘DanceClusive’ ("Dance" + "Exclusive" parallel "Inclusive") aims also to represent that contemporary artistic performance has an exclusive artistic value to make awareness of the social values of inclusive society. In the framework of the project the main focus on the ethnic, genres, racial and other equal opportunities methodology is situated by the project partner of the donor state (Norway, Transform - Trondheim World Festival).

- Project cost demand: 37.316.730.- HUF
- Grant amount: 33.585.057,- HUF
- Own contribution: 3.731.673,- HUF
- Project owner cost demand: 29.741.290,- HUF (79%), own contribution: 2.974.129,- HUF (incl. 888.320,- volunteer activity)
Project partner cost demand: 7.575.440,- HUF (21%), own contribution: 757.440,- HUF (cash only)

Dissemination activities:
- On-line campaign (archived material from actual project activities); direct marketing and electronic activities, social media content-providing etc.
- - On-line intercultural and interactive contemporary artistic performance professional platform. Maintenance and content management for 8 months.
- Applying the channels of Transform Trondheim World Festival.